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We also work for create loops, footage or clips according to your direction. Just contact us!

Under Eye Control 3D VJ Loops 4K

The composition of the loops is an eye in the center of the rib cage with wires running through it. this is a representation of how our entire body is kept under control. but we don’t know. This visual can be used for dark background music, dubstep, and other gruesome or violent music.

Couple Around The Dangers 3D VJ Loops 4K

This story is about a couple caught in a dangerous situation and thinking calmly to face it together. This visual made from 3D application, with light and high quality image.

Running Chasin You 3D VJ Loops 4K

A couple running after what they want on a road full of obstacles. This motion graphic is suitable for background performance with melancholic songs and to be a different VJ set.

Spaceship Piece 3D VJ Loops 4K

The visual backdrop showcases a fragmented piece of a spaceship, perfectly complementing the energetic EDM music. The broken and futuristic aesthetic of the spaceship fragment adds a visually captivating element to the overall experience. As the EDM music pulsates, the visual emphasizes the dynamic and high-energy nature of the music.

Monkey Laser Left Right 3D VJ Loops 4K

The 3D visual robot monkey is a captivating addition to musical performances. The sleek metallic body and bright LED lights create a futuristic and attractive appearance. The visuals move right to left and emit lasers.

The Blind Dark Eye 3D VJ Loops 4K Alpha

In a dimly lit room, a solitary eye with creeping roots stared into the darkness. This visual is alpha channel, you can use this for visual background, music background, make animation videos, experimental, or something dark.


We will sell visual packs that are still in the works.

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