Beri Waktu - Sutter

In Collaboration with SUTTER Band

Sutter Band


SUTTER Band” is an indie pop band hailing from Tulungagung, East Java. Formed in 2019, the band has been making waves with its infectious melodies, lyrics about the problems of the youth scene and its love stories, and charming performances. The band consists of Arman on vocals, Bayu on guitar, Sam on bass, Hendrawan on drums, and Mahfud on keyboards.


With a distinctive blend of indie pop, SUTTER Band makes music that is catchy and fun. Their songs often explore themes of love, self-discovery, and love anxiety. Their latest releases, “Beri Waktu” and “Moonlight”, showcase their talent in crafting melodic hooks and creating a dreamy atmosphere. “Beri Waktu” brings an uplifting atmosphere with its infectious rhythms and heartfelt lyrics, while “Moonlight” takes listeners on an ambitious romance.


Known for their energetic and engaging live performances in tulungagung, SUTTER Band has gained many fans in the local music scene. They have performed at various venues and events, captivating audiences with their compact musicianship and Arman’s emotional vocals.



In this visualizer, the hand reaching for time running in reverse depicts the feeling of difficulty in achieving or controlling time. It reflects how precious time is to a person and the realization that time is ticking away without our complete control.


The symbol of the hourglass grasped by the hand in the visualizer is traditionally used as a symbol of change, awareness of vulnerability and the speed of the passage of time. In the context of the song “Beri Waktu,” this visual shows that time can pass quickly and it can sometimes be difficult to catch up or make the most of it.


The contrast between the hand reaching for an upside-down clock and the hand holding an hourglass gives a sense of contradiction between the desire to stop time and the reality that time is constantly moving forward. This visualizer provides a deep emotional dimension and can help the audience connect more visually with the meaning of the song “Beri Waktu”.







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